Apple Tablets Getting Bigger Over Laptops

Apple Tablets Getting Bigger Over Laptops

With makers now coming up with some advanced tablets in the Indian market, buyers are frequently ditching their computers and laptops. My personal experience is no different from the scenario.

Initially, I didn’t realized why I would need a tablet but after observing that few of my friends are using it big time, I have bought one that appealed me at first instant. At a start, I found it good for gaming purposes and to surf internet but after laying hands on its other advanced features, I started using it for official purposes as well.

With the Motorola Xoom and a slew of other tablets in the works, and with makers announcing great tablets, consumers are betting big over apple tablets. The device however has its own set od advantages and disadvantage. Here are my top five.

The Advantages:

” Apple iPad has set the pace. It uses its own operating system called iOS, and is designed specifically for mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones.

” For beginners, these tablet computers are simply great and you’ll find this system simple to pick up thanks to its spontaneous design.

” Apple tablets have a number of apps too. All you need to do is to simply download them through Apple App store.

” It must also be noted that Apple examines the apps before it is made available to you; that means you won’t accidentally download a malicious app containing a virus, trojan or other ‘malware’.

The Disadvantages:

The Apple iOS although looks good and works well, but what could be a major disappointment with consumers is that they can’t customize it likewise Android tablets. Changing background colours and the order of your apps is the only thing a user can do.

The latest version, iOS 6, comes with Apple maps which have been widely criticized for having imprecise listings. The company is however working to improve this, meanwhile users download alternatives such as Bing and Waze.

Apple tablets are great to use nut their robust price tag forces customer to rather buy any other cheaper yet useful models like Android or Windows 8.

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