Are You Getting the Best Omega 3 Tablets?

Are You Getting the Best Omega 3 Tablets?

Omega 3 tablets are just one of the marketed formulations of this essential fatty acid. Together with various supplements, the former is essentially designed to make intake of this supplement as enjoyable and easy as possible given that the substance itself as purified is not perfectly devoid of the “fish” smell, which to some may be too pungent.

Given the various health related benefits, it is no wonder that these tablets are cleared as fast as first placed in its display shelves. And, just like most supplementary products, their availability online made it very accessible to customers to purchase specific products even at the comfort of their home.  

Since there are a number of manufactures that market omega3 tablets in various enticing ways, appealing to the best that they can to their customers, it might be too confusing if you are still scouting for the brand that you would like to try and perhaps stick to. How then can you say that you are getting your money’s worth and not spending it on nothing? Here are some of the things that must be looked into when purchasing this supplement:

the process in which the omega3 tablets were manufactured – there are a number of ways in which the oil is taken off the fish source but due to possible contamination with various hazardous substances such as lead, PCBs, mercury and other heavy metals, any ordinary process might not guarantee removal of these threatening pollutants. So to be certain that you are getting the purest as well as the cleanest supplement possible, look for products that have undergone molecular distillation. This is the most feasible process currently that ensures complete separation of the fish oil from the contaminants.
Freshness of the fish source used – fish can easily be oxidized and go rancid if not extracted the soonest possible time from harvest. Although proper handling of the fish source also matters but the freshness of the fish extracted though not properly on the first day is very different in terms of freshness from those fish sources properly handled two days after their harvest. So as freshness of the fish source matters, try to uncover the location of the plant of the manufacturers with those of the source of their fish. The closer the plant to the ocean source, the higher the chances that the fish used is fresh and extracted as soon as possible from harvest and therefore you are ascertained that the supplement you are taking is also fresh.
Accompanying preservatives – to ensure that the fish oil do not easily spoils or get rancid, there should be an accompanying preservative added to the supplement though the concentration should not be high. You should also look into the type of preservative and consideration be given to natural preservatives such as vitamin E.

Now that you are armed with this information, what action are you going to take to ensure you and your family have the best omega 3 tablets?

Kelly is an advocate for living a healthy lifestyle including taking Omega 3 fish oil supplements. For more information on fish oil benefits please visit her site today.
By Kelly Rinaldo

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