Development Of Android Applications

Development Of Android Applications
Android refers to a software stack meant for mobile devices. It includes key applications, middleware and an

operating system. The Android SDK comes with the necessary APIs and tools that are necessary for the development

of applications on the platform. The applications are created using Java programming language by people who work

in android jobs . The integral features

of an android system are:

Dalvik virtual machine that has been optimised for mobile devices
GSM Telephony that is dependent on hardware
GPS, accelerometer, compass and camera that is again hardware dependent
A rich development environment that includes the tools for debugging, performance profiling and memory,

and device emulator
An integrated browser that is based on the open source called WebKit engine.
Media support in the form of video, audio and images
SQLite meant for structured data storage
Optimised graphics that are powered by 3D graphics and a custom 2D graphics library
Application framework that enables component replacement and reuse

Android comprises a set of basic applications that includes a SMS program, maps, contacts, email client

and browser. The applications are created using the Java programming language.

Android developers work on an open development platform that helps to create innovative and rich

applications. The developers can take the advantage of the device hardware in order to set alarms, access

location information, add notifications to the status bar and operate background services.

Each of the applications comprises a set of systems and services that includes:

An activity manager that is responsible for maintaining the lifecycle of applications and also a common

navigation backstack

An extensible and rich set of Views that can be used to develop grids, embeddable web browser, buttons,

lists and text boxes

A resource manager that provides access to non-code resources including layout files, localised strings

and graphics

Content providers that help applications to fetch data from other applications or even enable them to share their data

A notification manager that helps the applications to display the custom alerts that are featured in the status bar

The Android comprises C++/C libraries that are used by the different constituents of the Android system.

These capabilities are exhibited to developers using the Android application framework. The libraries that are used most often include:

Media Libraries
System C Library
3D libraries

Android developer jobs require the incumbent to be familiar with all these technicalities. In the past couple of years computers and laptops
have almost been superseded by smartphones. This can be attributed to the fact that these offer greater mobility. Mobiles are been developed with the Android application in place. These use Wi-Fi, UMTS, CDMA, Bluetooth, GSM and EDGE.

Android devices are meant to offer greater convenience to the users. It is the preferred choice for both developers and users. It is necessary to hire a professional android developer for creating such applications which are functional and at the same time cost-effective.

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