What is Fishy With the Fish Oil Tablet?

What is Fishy With the Fish Oil Tablet?

It is a given fact that fatty acids like the omega 3 are good for one’s health. Unfortunately, one’s body cannot produce such acid, so one must by all means consume foods that are a source of these essential nutrients in order to be and stay healthy. Luckily, foods that contain omega 3 fatty acids are not that hard to find. According to research, one of the best sources of these acids is fish. Sometimes, omega 3 fatty acids are in the form of fish oil tablet. This tablet as the name implies comes from the oil of fishes such as tuna, mackerel, salmon, shark and lake trout.

Taking fish oil tablet has its own set of benefits compared to the direct consumption of these fishes that are a main source of omega 3 fatty acid. Aside from the fact that these health supplements are cheaper than the actual fish itself, it is also much safer to eat. These tablets are safer in view of the fact that at times these fishes have eaten something that is bad for the human health like toxic substances in the form of chlordane, dioxin, arsenic, mercury, lead and the like.

According to research, omega 3 fatty acids that are found in fish oil tablets help in the regulation of cholesterol in one’s body, thus protecting one against certain heart ailments. Aside from this, fish oil also acts as an anti-inflammatory substance. Being an anti-inflammatory substance is as equally important as being a regulator of cholesterol; this is because being an anti-inflammatory substance helps in the prevention of arthritis.

Research also shows that this powerful supplement has the capacity to cure and prevent acne and that it does not only reduce the risk for depression but also the risk for suicide. Moreover, it can help prevent diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.

However, not all omega-3 fatty acid supplements are made to be as effective and helpful as they should be. This is because some are just made so as to gain profit. So it is important to keep in mind that in buying these supplements, one must be extra careful. This is especially true in cases when the fish oil tablet that you are taking has or leaves a fishy feeling or taste in the mouth. If this is the case then it is most likely that the product that one has is no longer fresh. So, in order to avoid situation like these, one must take a good look at the date when the tablet was manufactured.

However, at times, just knowing the date when the tablet was manufactured is not enough and so with that it is of equal importance that one must also know the place where the tablet was made from. More often than not, fish oil factories that are near the ocean are the best since they have a quick access to fish oil. This aspect is really important because at times, when the fish oil that is being used comes from afar, the fish oil becomes rancid.

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